Monday, December 10, 2012

Camp Ngaruawahia.

Last week the year 8’s went on camp at Ngaruawahia Christian Youth Camp. Arriving at camp with joy and laughter hoping that it would be fun. The group I was in was Waingaro A, with some of my friends. To start off camp we went on a huuggee hike up through the mountain. It was very tiring, and long. After the long hike, I couldn’t wait to jump in the pool.

The highlight for me would have to be the flying fox. This is a long cable suspended above the ground. Attached to the cable is a place for you to hold on. One end is set high above the other end and when you grab on you slide, quickly, to the other end. At first I was scared but when I tried it I couldn’t wait to go on again. I was scared because I thought I was going to drop in the middle of the lake, luckily I didn’t. I wish to do it again.

The thing I didn’t like at camp was waking up early and going for runs. The first morning we ran, we had to do 3 laps around the campsite. It was very tiring I couldn’t be bothered to do the last one so I walked away. I was happy on the last morning because we didn’t get to go for a run, and we slept in a little longer.

The last day we had to clean our entire cabin and toilets. Time had past it was time to go back home. We were suprised when the teachers told us that we were going to the pools before heading back home. It was a lot of fun, especially the slides. Finally it was time to pack up and head back home. I couldn’t wait to sleep, cause I was really tired.

I was really happy when we got back to school, but sadly I had to wait for my bags because the other bus had broke down. Camp was pretty fun. I hope to go again and have more fun again.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Year 8 camp.

Finally it’s the time for the year 8’s to go on the last camp of the year. The place we are going is Ngaruawahia Youth Christian Camp. I can wait to go, but unfortunately I have already been there so its not a first for me.
I just check the weather for Hamilton and Waikato, and sadly it is going to be rainy this whole week. I'm sure we can still have fun with the weather like this. Even though it might be bad to play in the rain.
Weather for Hamilton/Waikato.

I am still keen on going and hoping that there will no dramas and fights with anyone.  I'm really excited to go because I won't be at school and i’ll just be with my friends. It will only be 3 days but I will still miss my family.

Thanks to Vanila for helping with my work. :D

Friday, November 30, 2012

Tamaki Transition Day.

 It was the time of the year for our year 8’s to go to Tamaki College and look around some of the classes and school. The subjects we went to was Science, English and Music. The dean for the year 9’s Miss George split us up into 3 groups.Then some of the prefects of the school came and took us around the classes.

First we went to Music class. Our teacher was Mr Telefone, he told us to write a rap or song. In that class we got split up as well to write a song. Our group wasn't very successful, it was hard to write it because we didn’t have much ideas for lyrics. We had to include things about our community, school and ourselves. Once our group got up and performed it, we just stood there like we were idiots. Well but it was fun in a way.

After that we had something to eat and then off we went again to our next class English. To be honest it was pretty boring. We had to write a poem about a animal, I picked a leopard. I done anything because there was nothing else to do. After we finished writing our poem we had to record it.

Up next was Science. That was the best of all. We learnt how to make Hokey Pokey out of sugar, golden syrup and baking soda. First we put our bowl of sugar and golden syrup on the Bunsen burner. We had to keep stirring it until it started to boil, then we could add the baking sugar. Once the baking sugar was added it started to rise and change colour. We took it off the burner and ate it, it was burnt at the bottom and you could still taste the baking sugar. It tasted alright, but it tasted yuck as well.

The transition was over. We had to go back to school and do our normal things. But the transition was fun, can’t wait to go to a new school next year.

Monday, November 26, 2012


Last week our class had to find a article to read and then make a presentation about the country it was in. The story I read was about Homelessness. It said that Australia has the most homeless people in the world. So that's what we done, hope you enjoy.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Swimming Theory.

Two days ago some of our class went to the netball courts where the swimming pool was. But sadly I didn’t swim, because I didn’t bring my togs. So Mr Harris gave us some work to do. We had to write about being safe in the water if you're in danger.

One thing we had to write about was “Help”. If you fall out of your boat and you're feeling cold. So you have to cross your hands over your chest and then you will be warm. The other thing we wrote about was “Huddle”. Huddle is the thing when you fall out of your boat and your with other people then you have to get into a circle and hug each other. The smallest one of all has to be in the middle so he or she won't freeze to death.

This helped me because if something happens to me like that when i'm out on sea I can just do “The Help and Huddle”. It was great doing this.

Manaiakalani Film Festival.

Once again the Manaiakalani schools have come again for another Film Festival. This year is the 5th annual. We again went to the big screen in Sylvia Park. The intermediate part of our school went to the 2:00 pm session.

We arrived at the cinema with everyone sitting down waiting for the films to start. Once we were all ready cozy in our seat’s they finally played them. Some movies were really entertaining but some were boring as well. Our class entered a movie, it was called “From The Inside”.

My favourite movie was called “The Test”, It was made by some of the students in room 18 at our school. I liked it because it was funny and hilarious. It made me laugh the whole way through. My other favourite was “One Direction, Tamaki College”. It was also funny.

The film Festival was really fun. I enjoyed myself a lot. Our movie was alright, but not all that. (If you get me). Well I hope that next year will be better and alot more fun.

For more movies click "here".

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

True-School Graffiti.

James was a normal boy who minded his own business and did everything by himself. He never liked doing what the other boys do. There was a new boy who came to school, he looked like a new guy. But then Jason got to know him, he wasn't a very nice person. He was just like the others, but he was very funny thats why Jason liked him.

One time they got into to trouble for spraying Dereks shoes with spray paint. They were in big trouble, so they got detention every Saturday. The Saturdays were fun because they got to do graffiti work. They became very interested in graffiti art work, so they kept getting detentions.

Months pass by, they were becoming artists. But they didn't like getting detention because they had other consequences as well. They stopped getting detention and just drew in their books and stuff. One day the principal asked them if they could decorate the school hall. The detentions were worth it, they loved doing graffiti art.

Imaginative story.